Studio Lotus Forsyth is a fully equipped classical Pilates studio offering both one-on-one instruction and a full schedule of group classes for men and women. We promote functional fitness—helping each client build strength and mobility to meet their individual goals. Using the proven methods of Pilates, Redcord, and Kettlebells, we help our clients achieve the body and life they crave. Whether you’re super-fit, semi-fit, or soon-to-be fit, the promises of Pilates are real.

what is pilates?

“The Pilates method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy” – Joseph Pilates.
Whether you desire long, lean muscles or wish to alleviate back or neck pain, Pilates is a diverse practice with abundant benefits. Using a systematic approach to improve flexibility, Pilates helps build strength while developing overall body control and endurance. Even better, Pilates complements the other activities you already enjoy—a regular practice can improve your running, golf, tennis, and even equestrian hobbies.

what is redcord?

Redcord is a revolutionary suspension exercise that isolates muscle groups to work the body from the inside out. Using precise movements utilizing ropes, slings and bungee cords, Redcord helps build exceptional core stability and muscle control. Due to its ability to address muscle imbalances, it’s an ideal choice for everything from physical therapy to performance training. No matter your age, condition or strength level, Redcord allows you to work safely and effectively—and without pain.

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