National Pilates Certification Program- Certified Pilates Teacher

The Vertical Workshop Pilates Comprehensive Certification

Power Pilates Mat Certification

Janice Duggins

pilates instructor

After retiring in 2019 from a 32-year Insurance career in sales, marketing and corporate management, Janice immediately began working on her “second act” which she knew would include her love for Pilates.  Her lifelong commitment to physical fitness and desire to continue doing meaningful work, made her decision to become a certified Pilates instructor an easy decision to make.

Having witnessed her own personal transformation of greater core strength, flexibility, muscle tone and stamina, Janice is passionate about teaching Pilates so others may also experience physical improvements that will lead to a greater quality of life.  She believes the practice of Pilates is a lifelong exercise that will keep your body strong and help reduce the chance of injuries as we age.  Thus, making Pilates a wonderful compliment to any other sport or physical activity one may enjoy.